Each Most cancers May be Cured in Weeks explains Dr. Leonard Coldwell

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  1. He's been on late night in the Midlands a few times it's on the LNM network

  2. I hear so much,,I'm more confused then anything…lord help us.Ok

  3. Well then why did one of the Rothschilds die of cancer? He sure had the necessary contacts and funds to do get treated.

  4. I wanted to say a little about our processed foods. Like table salt,its artificial, reason why it's bad for you. Same thing like flour,sugar,etc. All of it uses chemicals to make it. This is why he says to eat raw foods. It causes so many health problems. And it's in everything we eat now that is processed

  5. I really want people to take this peraon advice….. Population of earth is increasing too rapidly… We need people to die…. So its better some stupid people die…. Plz stupid people take this person advice and die…

  6. Sir I cover you under the blood of Jesus

  7. Righto mate! High blood pressure occurs because sodium retains water

  8. Thanks to doctor Sebi “Black people are powerful “

  9. Sportsmen and rich people have been getting blood transfusions from young teens for years basically replacing they're old blood with fresh young blood and it makes a HUGE difference

  10. Silly doctor… Everyone knows there's not ENOUGH money to be maid in a cure…… The CASH is in the futile treatment

  11. Dr Sebi been saying this for over 40 years nobody gave a shit he won court cases in high courts for curing cancer, aids and various chronic illnesses even helped famous people such as Left eye and Micheal Jackson…..but his black but get a white man to share this information you get 7million views wow… really ??? FKN REALLY??? 😯😯😯😯

  12. Cancer is BIG business, no profit for a cure 😢

  13. In diet that consists mainly of organic fruits and vegetables. Don't eat 9 lb of sugar everyday. Drink at least a gallon of water a day. Problem solved

  14. Show me the proof? My mum is dying 1 year to live and you are saying you can cure her in 16 weeks, giving false hope.

  15. If you want to cure cancer in weeks, raise your ph and take 7 to 10 drops of food grade H202 and add vitamin B12 and vitamin D3 into your diet.

  16. I wonder if this guy is still alive or did he disappear mysteriously. These are the secrets that big pharma doesnt want us to know and will get you killed

  17. Lol you guys are morons. Cancer is the body’s solution to curing the human condition. Cancer is only given to those who deserve it the most

  18. Simply put. The governments will never release the cure because of how much money they make off the so called research. Plus imagine the over population! All I'm saying is when has a Royal family member had cancer? President? MP's or anyone in any kind of office?

  19. one third of humans will sooner or later die of cancer. How can anybody possibly think that doctors/heads of medical departments just wanna make money out of it? Everybody will make the experience how relatives or friends die of cancer. Even doctors! I'm a doctor myself and it makes me really angry if people just believe bullshit like that! Also trees can get tumors and I'm sure they live a very healthy lifestyle!

  20. Is this guy a Doctor or has a doctorate?

  21. Yeah no, people are not spontaneously healed from cancer. Where did this quack go to medical school? If he could cure cancer in weeks he would be a billionaire.

  22. What about MS and DDD and epilepsy cause by MS* Can all of them be cured??

  23. Big pharma,and cancer doctors are in big bussiness.they don't want to treat it.

  24. A little history of what happens to people when you tell someone of an alternative approach and the AMA could possibly have their followers leave their cult!  You can't have that now can you?  .0 out of 5 stars    Interesting historically   May 30, 2012This book was mostly the result of a man whose health was restored due to the Reams Theory of Biological Ionization, which is just some chemistry urine/saliva chemistry testing of the individual, and related nutrition recommendations. He is very religious, the book is a little overboard on the Christian element for those who aren't, I'm sure. He was very upset about how the AMA et al. mafia-stalk anybody even offering advice for healing people, in this case Carey Reams who was the scientist who came up with that theory.

    This book has no details on how to implement that approach — there is a whole lot to learn — and basically just says, this is really great for your health, here's an overview of some things, I want everyone to know, find out more. Although this is about as far from practicing medicine as one can get (note that every TV and print commercial and a gazillion books recommend specific nutritional products 'for better health' — they are not prosecuted because they are supporting the sale of drugs.), he was arrested over this book.

    Joanne Fontenot, author of "No Time to Die" had the following to say about Nord Davis and this book and its result:

    "I think you have a right to know that the authorship of THE CURSE … has cost Nord Davis far more than just a summons to Court. Remember, he was never accused of giving anyone a diet. He was never accused of running an analysis on anyone's urine. No one ever accused him of treating any sick person. He was only accused of a criminal INTENT to do so! For this alleged INTENT, he was hauled to California under armed guard, incarcerated in the Riverside County Jail for 11 days as prisoner #D– 1773 2, and never permitted to make one phone call to his wife or attorney! His bail was set at five times that of a cell-mate charged with armed robbery. Though a peaceful Christian man, he was paraded to his Court appearances from the jail shackled between hardened criminals for the benefit of press photographers. Now, convicted of CONSPIRACY, for the mere authorship of a book, he has been stripped of all rights as an American citizen. He may not own a firearm; may not vote or hold public office; may not obtain a passport; and must travel by permit only!* Nord Davis is a Korean War Veteran; the holder of 4 Navy campaign ribbons; and an Honorable Discharge. He has won the coveted LIBERTY AWARD on five occasions for patriotic journalism. Why must every scientific breakthrough be preceded by men, like Carey Reams and Nord Davis, who have to suffer for holding a new idea?"

    * (He was also fined several thousand dollars, this was back in the late 1970's.)

    You can find this book free online. While not modern nor that useful to me personally, I admire that he wrote it and worked hard to get the word out for it to support the health of others.

  25. The Curse Causeless Shall Not Come a little booklet detailing a little of the work of Carey Reams. This man was onto ph balancing eons ago but the medical establishment put a stop to his work.   It was sad that his knowledge and his family were treated that way.   He lived in the Blue Ridge Mountains and was doing work that was actually getting results.  Believe if you want or don't if you don't……it's always your choice.

  26. Bullshit; if someone was naturally cured of cancer, they'd be trying to provide hope to other cancer patients who are killing themselves through chemo and instead; speaking out. Frankly, chalking up the cure to cancer to "cure it with mah vitamins" is asinine. Not every case of cancer is the same, people can already have pre-requisite health conditions like diabetes or heart disease that complicate just rebalancing your body's nutrition. Spreading this kind of generalized misinformation is gonna lead to someone who has been diagnosed with cancer following this shit advice in the hopes that their gonna be cured. Big Pharma and Health Gurus are no better than Democrats and Republicans.

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