Episode 336 Scott Adams: How Google is Ruining my Life for Political Motive

Google Scott Adams… Google search results 4 and 5 are phony pix of me in Nazi uniform Click the 4th link, goes to a phony Twitter account, 15 followers Is …


  1. Liberals are dangerous in their ignorance. Factions are forming and rationality has left the building.

  2. Google = too much free money!

  3. Imagine all the photos you could find out there with Trump in similar uniforms – likely endless. Do they come up on Google Image search near the top? Dunno. But, surely, whoever has done that to Trump haven't hurt his image in Israel. And that's all I'll say about that here.

  4. I'm sure it could have been a lot worse ie) Scott Adams banging a horse /or/ blowing a midget. Cripes, I hope those pictures don't exist. The uniform thing is so far-fetched and ridiculous that no one will actually take it seriously, and, the only ones who want it to have the impact that it's having (showing you to be losing your cool in public) are just getting their little cheap, snowflake laugh. Unfortunately.

  5. Figured it'd be gone by now, but nope. 9th picture on when reading left to right.

  6. If you are not with the far left they will try to destroy you, so there is never any reason to shirk from being far right. It's a crush or be crushed existential battle between the two sides. Like it or not Scott you are very much part of the right (as strange as that is given you're actually a centrist Obama voter). It would be folly to not embrace this fact and act accordingly, meaning stop masquerading as Mr. Neutral. This is the nature of modern politics, and yes I hate it too.

  7. Its not accidental. Its criminal. You have no recourse.

  8. Just spitballing here, but perhaps the algorithm is pure hits and a parody pic like that go so many hits it pushed it up in the ranking? And now we've all pushed it up by looking at it. Just a thought.

  9. The leftists target anyone who promotes independent thought or questioning authority. The idea behind using the nazi imagery is to unconsciously place that association in the back of the mind.

  10. NAZI PIG

    you could use that comment for your lawsuit.

    You're welcome

  11. The site that this goes to is a year old blog post for a niche podcast, which is run by Thomas Smith, the turd that Sargon "debated" a year and some change ago. And you're right, the image in question doesn't show on the page it links to.

    It's so contrived, I don't see how this could be accidental. I hope you get Google to change, and that Smith is no longer involved, because he isn't worth anyone's time.

  12. You are a paranoid Luddite who lacks the intelligence to understand why your suggestions are ridiculous. You are an old man screaming at the cloud.

  13. Google "Hillary" and compare. It's all rigged. Sue 'em.

  14. It is Google images latest shitty algorithm update, not a personal vendetta. As these photos appear to be taking in a private place you could file a DMCA take down notice with Google. The twitter image will always rank as google deems this site an authority on everything.

  15. Yet another case where is better than Gggogle.

  16. could not find any as of dec 17

  17. Correct me if I am wrong, but Google states its neural network algorithm is so complex that they don't >really< understand what it is looking at or reacting to when it auto-flags, demonetizes, and suspends content creators. THEY aren't doing it, they say, the ALGORITHM is.

    I suppose that doesn't >necessarily< preclude that some outside person/group is SO MUCH SMARTER than Google's engineers that THEY can manipulate Google's own algorithm, so as to force it to do what they want (like prominently placing "Nazi Scott" at the top of his search results), while Google's engineers can't.

    BUT, is it more likely that Google does know what the Algorithm does and just hides behind incompetence as a legal CYA maneuver?

  18. Never click on anything on Youtube / Google unless you want the algorithm to positively favor that thing. You clicked on those fake images of yourself, so now the algorithm is reinforced in its belief that it has chosen an appropriate picture that people want to see. If very few people click on something, it goes away. Just don't click

  19. Google is biased. Just visit google/bing/duckduckgo and search for "Hillary Clinton e", you would wonder why "Hillary Clinton email investigation" is being removed from Google.

  20. It's not fair and it's not right, but Google is a behemoth. They have lawyers out the wazoo, but you might be able to be the thorn in their paw.

  21. Nearly 100% positive its deliberate. You're right to be angry. You're right to conclude that they are targeting you for personal and professional destruction.

    You are just one in a very long line of people – any connection with the Right is enough.

    This will not get better – but only worst over time. The Left controls the institutions. They are deceitful, evil people.

  22. Scott, it is about time for you to REALIZE that Leftists are despicable.

    You say you are not a conservative. It’s time you learned reality.

    I would SUE them. You have the ability to do this. Most of us do not.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  23. 11:34 "it's funny. I've got more traffic on this periscope than I've had of anything recently. people like to see me angry. I'm not sure you should encourage that."

    It's not that you're angry. It's that the situation is really scary. Google can do and will do and are doing anything they want.

  24. They took the pictures down, Scott. Your whining paid off.

  25. You live in the Bay Area. Confront the CEOs. Bring a baseball bat.

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