FELL OFF MY CHAIR! | 5 Nights At Freddy’s 2

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  1. he didnt fall off his chair, he fell with his chair

  2. I paused the vid just before the jumpscare

  3. Hello sadness My old friend I come here to save you my old friend O-0

  4. Seriously, is it me? Or is there only children here
    Pun intended

  5. Who watched Dan fall off his chair in 2018

  6. Did anyone spot JJ In the video?

  7. Watched in 2015. Back in 2018!
    Anyone else?

  8. Also no offense im dumb im new to fnaf and I started with sl instead of 1 soo compared to sl jumpscares im kinda ok

  9. If only u could do all the stuff at the same time but i guess u wouldnt be able to see the cameras through the mask oh well

  10. Umm dan look under the desk at 5 : 20

  11. i'm in 2018 and i beat this game also i watched your vids since kindergarten i'm in second grade now i beat all the fnaf games

  12. toy chica toy Bonnie and toy Freddy

  13. great job yay Grrrrrrrrrrrr

  14. Just use the mask to get away from the air vent

  15. You can flashlight the cameras to see the anmitronics in the cameras

  16. did when anyone see chica you just clicked off?? lol

  17. Can anyone tell me if he played fnaf 1, and if he did where is it

  18. I'm wearing headphones rip my ears

  19. mangle is in the prize corner

  20. Theres a music box in the camera ummm I dunno

  21. Theres a music box in the camera ummm I dunno

  22. And also… HATERS GET OUT

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