How To: My Fast and Straightforward Hairstyles | Zoella

Tutorials on my many different hair styles Let me know if you found this helpful and enjoyed it Thumbs up & I’ll love you forever Products Mentioned: Tigi S Factor …


  1. 2018 anyone? I'm rewatching this and feeling nostalgic af

  2. she is from world of fashion game elaa

  3. Tried ALMOST every ZALA product and honestly the pony tails are my faveee they are so so so versatile for quick hairstyles and heaps cheap!

  4. its a well known trade secret within hollywood that all the biggest celebrities wear hair extensions…but what you didnt know is that ZALA is their favourite!!!

  5. Anyone looking back at old vids and bringing back memories x

  6. Who’s watching in2018 ??????

  7. Aww I love old Zoe! She’s so adorable and funny😂💜

  8. Who else thinks that she look really cute with the messy ponytail

  9. you are such a gorgeous person inside out

  10. Lovey tow❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. Who is watching in 2018 and thinking WOW Zoe is so different now

  12. 12M followers and 12Mviews😃

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