If Google Was A Man

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  1. What do you mean if google was a guy google doesn’t have a gender

  2. The last one was the best lol

  3. This is like the American EnchufeTV

  4. One of them should've been can u delete my search history

  5. "Are your parents home?" Probably what my computer is always thinking.

  6. BUTHOLE! GROSS FAT BUTHOLE DICK POOP! uh is your parents home? LOL!!

  7. How did it take me 5 years to finally watch this?

  8. 0:29
    Dad: son why is the fbi here?

  9. 0:24 search up on google what he said then go to images….

  10. so google is actually a gIrL?!

  11. This was Brennan before the guy I said, on a different comment, was Brennan before Brennan was Brennan

  12. Google: What can I do for you?
    Me: Ctrl+Shift+N
    FBI: Alright then, keep your secrets.

  13. And I am thinking
    “Wait googles a girl?”

  14. Google looks like Ian Hecox

  15. I feel just like the Google guy at school.

  16. Subscribed to College Humor because of this video in 2015. Still watch all the parts.

  17. Google would question why I'm searching how to kill people and deadly diseases.

  18. Wow, just looking up patrick ha- brings him up automatically

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