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  1. thats the kid from fresh off the boat

  2. Old Apple computers. The games were blocky and I saw better games on game boy. I seen the floppy discs but these computers had mouses.

  3. Mac OS 9 bonzi blue iMac version 1

  4. What is that thing O,O!!!!

  5. where in the world did you even get that thing, Ebay?

  6. My very first computer was a 1987 Macintosh ED

  7. It's not like modern PC's don't have seperate power buttons for the monitor and the tower…

  8. As a 30 year old IT guy/programmer who started using DOS when I was 5, my job now feels incredibly safe.

  9. my oldest computer is nowdays! lol!

  10. What operating system is this? And is it Unix based? I am talking about the not DOS part.

    Or is it just some kind of boot loader command prompt thing?

  11. My first computer was a Macintosh 128k. Used to be my dad's.

  12. i love these old style computers!!!  Pushing buttons on the keyboard feels cool.

  13. my oldest computer is windows XP

  14. The first fact, me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I have 4GB RAM and I have something to complain about

  15. I would love to have this, I wouldn't use it as a computer, instead I'd break into it and see the hardware that was used to make this thing. Computers fascinate me!!! (have built 2 computers from scratch, and took apart and rebuilt another)

  16. They should of made code books lol

  17. Just wait until these kids see the old punchcard machines that were used before computers!

  18. just a bit of C language

  19. Apple 1 was the oldest computer (1976)

  20. It's not so difficulty. Especially for somebody who do pragrams. Because in doing we use the same commands. Just for info I'm born in 21st century.

  21. im 27 and i wouldn't have had a clue how to use that computer either.

  22. mmm. yes very technological….

  23. Kids react to brick phones

  24. It's quicker than google explorer…

  25. 1970's War Thunder tank battles in jungle

  26. I would like to have one of these computers.. I would keep it for another 50 years maybe 100 and see how much is worth it; or try to make it work beter: at least windows95 on a 70's computer :))) 😀

  27. Oldest i have used is a TRS-80

  28. Without IOS or Windows (or anything else!) we are all knackered!… 2+2 = ARGH!!!!!!! 🙂

    Bless them for their simple understanding!

  29. "You'd have to go to the library" "who wants to do that?" Today's generation. Doesn't know the struggle

  30. My first (very own) computer was the Apple Macintosh (Classic) … I feel very old now.. 😀

  31. I would just ask for the instruction manual.

  32. is this the first version of computers?

  33. So, this computer is like Microsoft Excel? XD

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