Methods to Make Google My Default Search Engine in Home windows 7 : Google, Java & Extra

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  1. For Manual Add: IE= You can go to Microsoft Gallery directly. From there you should see ALL your FAV's Search Engines… Click on ADD in Link… ADD them yourself!

    For Internet Explorer:

    For FireFox:

  2. Thanks Dude , You Saved Me From Utter Frustration And Annoyance ..!!

  3. When I click on internet explorer it now is fixed to bing instead of google my parents will kill me since they got it for my b day how do I fix it so they won't know

  4. do you have a video to show me how to make Google my default search provider on MSN Explorer?

  5. Victor you are awesome. This fixed a problem I have been having for months. It was driving me bonkers. Thank you so much for your video.

  6. i'm here again to confirm that IT WORKED as you explained it , thank you so much Victor

  7. Thank you so much so mush , i have been search in the internet for a while for this issue . finally you are the best person in explaining this . Thank you so much victor

  8. You use too many words I don't understand. You go too fast. I don't get it. I don't know where all those things are on my screen. I don't know where the url bar is…

  9. it says that there is an error when i try to download add google as a search provider

  10. Thanks Victor 🙂 🙂

  11. thank you soooooo much man i could not get it to work until now

  12. Thanks, this helped a lot! Finally got google back as my default browser. On a side note… He's kind of cute ^-^

  13. im on HP computer but im still on windows 7

  14. Thank you m8, thats very helpfull.. 🙂


  16. Good job Victor, nice and easy to follow and works exactly like you said 🙂  Keep up the good work

  17. Thanks a lot bro! It was hard trying to figure it out on my own but this video helped me!

  18. Thank you. Very handy to have you there.  Will subscribe.

  19. Lost me on the very first sentence.  Not helpful.

  20. You suck it didn't work

  21. I'm unable to make Google my search provider. When I click on "Add to Internet Explorer," nothing happens. If I wished I could add Google Maps, Google News, and Google Translate, however, Windows 7 won't allow me to add Google Search. I hate Bing. ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

  22. when I click add to IE nothing happens… please help me

  23. thx for the video it really helpd me

  24. to change it on google chrome you will need to do this:
    1.up on right you will see 3 lines press on it and go to setting.
    2.find search.
    3.Press on youre default search it may be:google,bing or omiga-plus now choose google.
    And there you go!:)

  25. It also doesnt set to chrome it sets to IE

  26. I am using google Chrome so this is confusing -_- Someone please help when I open up Chrome it is set as some weird calcitapp search engine and I just want it as google! Please leave a link to a good video or reply how!!

  27. my toolbar options at  0:48 doesnt have the "adress" option………

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