My Singing Monsters – Tribal Island

An exciting update for the award-winning mobile phenomenon My Singing Monsters is on its way. Get ready to #PlayYourPart… because the game-changing …


  1. Cómo estás personas pueden aportarse para un juego de mierda?

  2. Orange on ur left how can he or her have potbelly voice???!!!

  3. after returning back to the msm fandom i actually THINK this is in the past and the future is DOF

  4. Add me as freind: 83063568MA

  5. 0:24 la volcan parece como si estuviera corrompida en steven universe 😉

  6. Sorry it's wublin I mess it

  7. um can we update the my signing monsters Halloween monster in Dublin island and I name it is pelgar

  8. Omg im soo happy too see the singers of mammott,oaktopus,pom pom,congle,the frog one(i forgot his name ;-;) and more

  9. In sorry but that womman at 00:11 is so gringe
    But Nice vid do

  10. Whos the best?
    What is the best rank ive seen #14
    Thats msm because their best
    What did my friend hate and then love
    Happy birthday at next september! U guys r my fav game😃 ghazt is the best

  11. Friend Code:76920398BI
    I'm the chief of the tribe

    We only have 3 members and i need everyone's help to grow.
    Almost every week we reach level 30.

    I'm counting on your help.
    Tribe name: "Temland"

  12. Be in my tribal island my friend code is 82942951hh

  13. Is there people watching in 2018?

  14. i love the potbelly kids tho XD

  15. I thought the guy who voices Oaktapus was Stan Lee at first.

  16. Can u guys join my tribal island level 4 or higher please.
    Friend code: 69432293EH

  17. não consigo parar de voltar a musica

  18. #i love my singing monsters the game

  19. Is the old dude actullay the dude who voiced the oaktapus???

  20. I have a tribal island and i like the pompom at the end

  21. 0:18 look in the South east of the video XD XD

  22. 0:16 XD pick some other people to do the acting XD

  23. I just get me self a rare bowgart thank by my friend help

  24. So cute to see who actually sings it. I wish ya'll had done all the monsters.

  25. This is amazing, I like the sound of oaktupas

  26. 0:16 there's no way a girl is the voice actor of maw

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