Optimization for Google My Enterprise (Greatest Practices for 2018)

If you’re in business to connect with consumers or you’re a marketer looking to help companies expand their reach, then you need to take a look at Google My …


  1. Iam on Google my business please help

  2. Iam a photographer but not receiving calls physically

  3. Copyright Infringement… This is not your video. You can be in a lot of trouble…

  4. wow, im creating one for myself now, this is really good info

  5. Thanks for the video! Also making frequent posts is useful if I'm not mistaken!

  6. I want you to know that I enjoyed your video on Google My Business and it was very informative. I took it all in. Great points and actionable for local SEO. Needless to say, I smashed the subscribe button and gave you guys a thumbs up. I will be looking forward to a Wednesday live.

  7. Well done! Thanks for the solid advice in this fast moving space!

  8. Hey Renia, great information and keep it coming! Just trying to enhance the My Business page. Take a look, Perfect Practice LLC, and give me your critiques. One issue that we're having is updating/creating the "Brief Description" …. any tips?

  9. Most helpful. Great good explaining your content!

  10. Have several markets that I would like to branch out to. Should I list them separately in each town? So new at this.

  11. My google business page has suspended. Now how i can fix it

  12. I have optimized my business page with title, reviews & images, still, it is not on top five. Please help in this.

  13. Hello and thanks for your helpful video. Our business works solely online, no storefront, so how do i indicate that without showing an actual physical address. TIA

  14. Great information. We added a few additional tips on our DIY GMB Optimization step-by-step walk-through video here:

    I need help. I don't think my house is welcoming. How should i set up my business address? Also, Appointy is not as easy as i thought. Any suggestions on a better app? Also, I'll take any suggestions you have. Thanks!

  16. Hello, is anybody knows why my store doesn't show up in different languages? I'm selling wallpaper in Orlando, FL and my store Wallcoverings Mart show up when I insert in search " wallpaper" but when I search in Spanish " papel tapiz" or portugal languages it shows only my competitors stores. Thank you.

  17. If shysters edit my GMB listing cant they get ousted by google? especially if they are local guides

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