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  1. 8:00 why did I immediately get excited at seeing C++?

  2. I can see creative bots being a huge asset to companies for marketing and online use. But I don’t ever see bots becoming a main or even large source of creative content. Taking away the stupid assumption that art is some special and magical thing that only humans can do, art is just a way for humans to communicate and argue about ideas and the human condition. And if bots stay within the limits of weak AI and don’t gain their own sentience, what will they have to add to the conversation of being human and communicating ideas thereof? They won’t even be capable of grasping or forming ideas on those complex topics. Creative bots could compose those [insert emotion here] music playlists that people listen to while doing homework or to relax or similar art. But I don’t think we will see a bot making an indie pop record about the effects of mental health and political issues anytime soon. That is, until we fuck up and accidentally create the sentient, strong AI, human race murderer of our nightmares.

  3. 4 years and we still around where da fucking robots at

  4. The next great genocide will be against bots… remember my words.

  5. You know what not to do? Make the cost of human labor artificially high to buy votes from low wage workers. California Burger recently swapped out a big chunk of their kitchen staff for robots that flip burgers. In the words of the CEO "Robots don't show up late, talk back, or spit in people's food".

  6. If the robots do their work well enough we could run a utopian communism but are there enough resources to sustain that

  7. They capitalism won’t allow this button literally the most efficient way to make us more stuff wins look at the car or phones yeah they’ll take our jobs

  8. there will be entertainment jobs such as youtube. most people wolnt need to pay for much if anything and most people will become game designers, coders, youtubers, or livestreamers. then the ones who arnt will be the ones watching or playing.

  9. I feel like data analytics and presentation will be taken over by bots soon

  10. Robots will take everything except for the thinking part hehe

  11. Cant the UN do anything to regulate it.

  12. As long as society xan accepts that at a certain point hardly anyone will have to work, so we can transition to living largly for leisure. Think, Wall-E, but hopefully we stay in shape. Anything and everything we do can be for our own enjoyment, and hopefully things can be more peaceful then, when finances become a non issue.

  13. So…if we can't work,will we have to become communists?

  14. Soooo what if we turn ourselves to robots?

  15. Large sections of the population are ALREADY unemployable by no fault of their own. And it didn't need robots.

  16. There will always be jobs for people who make automated bot brains. At least until bots start making smarter versions of themselves.

  17. A scary future, for us, our kids and their kids etc…..Hunger Games is coming 🙁

  18. No robot can cut cheese and deli meat so my job is safe

  19. I don’t think surgery will ever have only bots I get ai learning is amazing and better but I don’t know if they will be able to react to very dynamic situations like humans can I may be wrong though

  20. Great video. It's making me think. Also, you forgot to put a link in the description to the AI musician.

  21. I think it is important to point that yes, the horse population peaked at before the first world war, but we have now far surpassed that level again

  22. Man… I'm excited. This means I can sit at home and not work!

  23. Your videos are brilliant. Would love to see you tackle climate change and the inevitable collapse of society as we know it in the next coming decades.

  24. What if, similar to how mechanical muscles pushed us into thinking jobs, mechanical minds could push into a new previously undiscovered branch: Social jobs. I have no clue what they could be, but surely as human productivity goes down and people start spending more time inside, a demand will appear for jobs regarding the management, interactions and societies of humanity, and other jobs that could only be performed by things with a same-species connection. Just like how many animals can't cooperate with different species' because they don't share similarities, or because its something you can't communicate to a different mind, perhaps jobs will arise that can't be taken by bots, simply because they aren't human. 

    Either way I am hopeful that if I survive to the robot overtake then humanity will be able to stand the test and prevail as the peaceful, work free society that is always portrayed in futuristic worlds.

  25. I love your channel, and this is by far the most depressing video I have every enjoyed. I look forward to meeting you at tinkercon

  26. well since robots are going to be so good at doing jobs, and are better then humans and we cant think of new jobs, why not make a robot which can think of new jobs

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