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  1. This is way worse with playback speed all the way down

  2. skip too the loo and have a poo

  3. The people look like retarded kids

  4. that's the first thing you see in hell

  5. Im scared.. Da fuq am i watching O_O

  6. Great!🇻🇳😀😀

  7. I like this music it's the best song ever

  8. this was mentioned in the Shining

  9. everyone looks like they have s*** in there pants

  10. skip to my lou with a pack in the cat

  11. When I was like in 1st grade my music teacher played this and I honestly don’t know how to feel about this now.

  12. no he cant get another one prettyer then me

  13. アイリスラーメン🍜🍥さんを最初に思い出す

  14. も ち ろ ん
    ポ リ ゴ ン
    ヤ ブ ク ロ ン !
    ど ー も
    ア イ リ ス ラ ー メ ン
    の 山 口 で す

  15. songs nice but the animation is scary af

  16. Speed 0.5 to get the ultimate shit pants experience

  17. Im pretty sure i speak for everyone when i say

    mY cHiLdHoOd

  18. Wtf

  19. ア イ リ ス ラ ー メ ン

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