Utilizing GOOGLE To WIN FORTNITE Battle Royale!

Welcome to a special Fortnite challenge involving old mate Google “Ask Fortnite Dropper to help me decide on a location” – What to say ❱ Subscribe & never …


  1. Anyone playing and watching fortnite

  2. Who is watching when Lachlan is at 10 million subs

  3. Anyone watching in 2019?…

  4. 7:50 Don’t worry buddy, it’ll be here soon enough.

  5. Who’s watching when he has 10 million subscribers

  6. Who is watching this on season 7

  7. I clicked off this video when he missed the green suppressed smg.
    Sorry I have ocd

  8. 10 mil subs XD he said 4 mil subs

  9. When there was 5 people left u had 500 shotgun shells

  10. Anyone watching when Lachlan has over 10million subs?

  11. "I am so half decent at this video game!" -Lachlan

  12. 9:35 the trap didn't activate lol xD

  13. i only noticed this in my recommended now

  14. 10 seconds longer that irritates me

  15. Can someone do ate me a skin plz

  16. You should do a 3 berst challenge

  17. Who’s watching 1000 years B:C

  18. Whos watching in season 7

    Cause im in season 8

  19. He saying almost at 4 million I'm watching when he has 10 million and season 7 plus he has a burst I'm watching when there vaulted

  20. Who's watching this one the snows starting to melt?

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