What Occurred Once I Minimize Google Out Of My Life

Google offers a lot of services, such as its browser Chrome, Google Search, Gmail, and Google Maps. Many of these services integrate and share data, which …


  1. this is all just a video to promote google

  2. Did you forget to mention that this video was sponsored by Google?

  3. Btw whats wrong with safari? Its the most efficient browser on mac os…

  4. Have u heard of hotmail(outlook)? Aol? Yahoo mail? Wtf

  5. You didn't start to fade like Marty McFly, Goodle.

  6. The video title is kinda misleading and it's basically just a Google advertisement. 👎 👎

  7. Why quit Google..quit Facebook

  8. First world problem jajajajaja

  9. Google and Disney are titans when it comes to companies, they're not going anywhere anytime soon!

  10. How much did Google give you?

  11. You should of just switched to the Microsoft ecosystem, it works great for me (and I am typing this in a google service, how ironic…)

  12. I thought yahoo uses google search in the background?

  13. This video is being exaggerated since everything is based on his own preferences. For me, I only use google search engine and Youtube and that's it. Calendars? I use apple-defaulted app and apple music, apple mail, safari, default keyboard and everything works for me. I don't think most of the things can't be substituted and don't be clinging too much (This sounds like my friend's ex-boyfriend) and don't make a statement that will be redefined in the future. Geez! I think this guy should switch to Google Pixel since it's also one of the best phones on the market right now.

  14. I want money from Google too! 😒😣😫

  15. I even forgot Yahoo was a search engine… 😂😂

  16. All of these alternative sites still collect your data. It’s just same sh diff sm

  17. Son of a b*tch you made my Google Home mini activate when the end of the video came up😂😂

  18. My school used to use apple 4 everything now they google αs fυcκ

  19. you want to cut google out of your life? start by calling your girlfriend instead of using a phone app. to set up your calendar. Also use a paper calendar.

  20. What's the fuss about privacy….unless you're a child molester, killer or any sort of criminal you shouldn't have an issue with that,…crazy, first people want to be known then they want privacy……confusing stuff.

  21. this channel is full of ads from the big companies. NOT TRUSTWORTHY AT ALL!!

  22. You forgot something: "This video sponsored by Google." ¬_¬

    (Also, you lost credibility as a tech expert when you mispronounced GIF.)

  23. … it went downhill. 😂

  24. As for firefox on PC, I use it as my default browser and it doesn't give me any problems. It's just as fast as Chrome and it doesn't crash either. The lack of of reverse image search on right clicking an image can easily be fixed with add-ons in the firefox store. The only thing I miss is the translation service, but I rarely use that one anyways.

    As for firefox mobile: it's slow as hell, but doesn't give me weird adds like the chrome browser does.

  25. Google ad and this guy sucks. He didn't even try to use Firefox and Duckduckgo properly….so obvious

  26. insider is just an ad company

  27. Try to live in China without VPN.

  28. This is every sad video. Tech guy who cannot find proper alternatives to Google. And forget that Yahoo is search engine… Clearly he didn’t mean “the quitting Google” literally.

  29. I have google & apple keyboards. I prefer apple keyboard 😀. No problem with firefox. The only legitimate assessment is google map is better & I can live without it if I want to.

  30. Is this an ad for Google???

  31. I use a MacBook pro with Firefox and easily do over 50 tabs never crash. Also duckduckgo has a time filter. I do not search tweets so cannot comment on that.

  32. Wait, that guy is a 'tech insider' ?!?!?

  33. want to try to life without Google? Go to China

  34. There are a few good emails you could have used like ymail

  35. i am using duckduckgo as well as replaced many google (thieves) products who stole my private data and I DO NOT HAVE ANY ISSUE THOUGH I AM WORKING IN SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT FIELD…….

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