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  1. Watching this in 2019 also because of funny he is

  2. Why didn't he put my feet smell like flower

  3. I’m in ky so I’m Offended

  4. i live in tenneesse and country music is crap

  5. I feel offended I'm from Nashville

  6. 1:03
    When is it a good time to plant grass seed in Michigan?

    Answer: As someone from Michigan (preferably called “Michiganders”) i can give you a good complete well thought out genuine 110% reasonable answer… the answer is never. You experience every season in less than a week so one day you plant the seed(s) and the next day it/they’re gone… go to New Jersey and plant them. I don’t give a sh*t

  7. Say it says I want be a… I Google I want to be a then it auto fills it in and that's the answer XD

  8. Kratom is a mild opiate that is normally consumed as tea

  9. Who sells the best dicks

  10. Wait porn is less serched then bed bugs

  11. "how does one become a butterfly"

  12. How does one become a sociopath?!?

  13. Again U are the best I mean f**k(fuck) pewdiepie you are best

  14. Hhhhhhhhhhooooooooooowwwwwwwwww

  15. Its wierd that only weird ads appear on your channel

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